Monday, August 30, 2010

Tri Community Tri Sprint Triathlon..........

We got a call from our middle daughter a few weeks back. She told us she & some of her friends were going to participate in the Tri Community Tri Sprint Triathlon in Arizona. This was a surprise because we didn't even know she was training & besides some little league baseball her childhood really didn't include much sports.
So when she invited us up for the weekend, We thought it would be a blast to be part of her cheer leading section.
She did great. Finished so quick I really didn't get any good bike photos-sorry. (She's faster than our car) She didn't even look winded at the finish line. In fact with her fun cute personality she was chatting it up with another runner as she came in .
Yeah Selina !!!!! We're proud of you

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

10 Days old...............

Oh my Gosh !!! Did I have FUN today. Meet perfect Miss S . Isn't she beautiful. I LOVE her little chubbiness !!! Check out her perfectly gorgeous pouty lips. We shot through her session so quickly... She NEVER woke up. I don't think I have ever done a newborn shot with a perfectly wonderful sleeping baby . She needs some kind of baby award. She was such a delight.
Thanks,M, for sharing that sweetness with me !!
Southern California Baby Photographer

Monday, August 9, 2010

Another sweet family that I LOVE .......

I've been one LUCKY girl to be friends with families like the B family. We've known them for a bit. I was able to photography their girlies back when they were babies. (Try & find them on my website)

Then the B family moved :( I have happily run into Mrs.B here & there , And when she called for a photo date I was so happy that we would be able to catch up & I would get to meet her little man. Isn't he a cutie.

Thanks for coming over & havin' a great time playin' catch up... Love ya !

The "Fun Family" at Silverwood Lake

I am bit behind... This was shot a about a week & half ago. The L family wanted to do something a little different but we couldn't get down to the beach so we decided that Lake Silverwood would be a place for some wonderful pictures. One thing we all forgot about summer desert evenings is the wind. AND it was pretty windy. We toughed it out & shot between the gusts. Mommy L's hair got blown a bit but I think she still looks gorgeous. This is a fun family... there's something special about a family of all boys :)
I loved how their pictures turned out.... all the green of the Mountains..... Plus a beach !! And who doesn't LOVE the beach ???
It turned out to be such a beautiful night that Poppy & I stayed behind & roasted some tube steaks on a fire :)
I love my job!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our First Garden Party

We had our first Garden Party Last week and it was such fun !! There was a lot of dressing up, pretending , laughing, snacking, and of course tons of photos !!! It was great to see some of our favorite kiddos that have been coming to me since they were born and a we even had couple of new friends drop in for photos. It was the best way to spend one of last days of Summer.
I had so much fun that CrackerJack photos is planning to have more of these mini session parties. Our next party will be in the Fall with a Autumn/pumpkin/leaf theme. And at the request of many clients , that were sad to miss out on this one, will be held on a Saturday.
Email me to get on the list to be invited to our next party. Everyone is invited, and as always- Bring a friend & you'll earn FREE prints .

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer is Ending..............

Summer Break is ending so It's time to go to the beach (and the LA zoo)