Saturday, July 17, 2010

Grandma is here visiting....

Grandma is here from New Jersey visiting the N family. So what a perfect time for a family photo. I got to talk with Grandma a bit, & I shared my LOVE for New York. She also expressed her fondness by saying she loved that when she is there she looks over here & sees beauty. She looks over there, and she sees beauty. Everywhere she looks she sees beauty. .... I think I learned a lot about Grandma. I look at her & I see beauty.

Mommy N LOVES her kids !! I don't know another mom that loves & worries about every little detail in each of her kiddos lives.... She makes me wish I still had little ones that could be best Buds with hers

Thank N family for letting me meet Grandma....... spending the early, early, morning hour with me...pretending to laugh at my dumb jokes.... but remember- it was really, really, early :)
(great Light & nice & cool tho)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Meet Mr. H

Meet Mister H. He came to play with me last week when He was only 1 week old. He was such a sweetie, and slept for most of his pics like a perfect little guy. It was the plan to shoot a mini session but he was such a cutie I wanted to keep him forever. Thanks Mom & Dad for letting me play with little Mister H a little longer than planned.