Thursday, April 22, 2010

B is for the B Brothers

Okay... Okay... it's really two brothers & a cousin, but I bet you can't tell which cutie is the cousin. You might even recognize the brothers. I've had the pleasure of being their photographer since big B was a baby. Big B is so full of character., with such a fun sense of humor. Thanks B family for being such loyal clients & for sharing a fun morning with me !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

C stands for Cutie !

This is the first time I met the L family. It was time to have have little Miss C's portraits done. We had planned to do some studio shots & then go outside to do some candids, but even though it's April here in California, Our weather has been crazy unpredictable. It was way too cold & windy.
The L family LOVES their little C, and no wonder. I think she was the easiest little sweetie I've taken pictures of. She just sat quietly & smiled at me. What a fun morning. And isn't she a beauty??
I think I fell in Love with little C. I'll have to beg the L family comes back when their new one arrives :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Making Choices... Way to Go Miss V !!!

It’s Late & I’m tired, I have even made a blog post today, but I had to do a little sneak peek of Miss V Pre-mission pics. The young adults in my church often decide to voluntarily spend one and a half to two year of their lives to go on a mission and share what the know about our Savior Jesus Christ. It’s amazing to me that they want to share unselfishly what they have found, that brings them great joy.
Miss V is getting close to doing just that. She’s a beauty that is also one of my younger daughter’s special friend. So she has a special place in my heart also.
I LOVE doing pre-mission photos. Know that I’ll do portraits/passport photos for any missionary for FREE!!
Know also that it’s for selfish reasons, I LOVE talking to them during the session. Sharing their excitement, and getting to question them about decision.
I LOVE Missionaries- perhaps because two young men knocked on my families door about 35 years ago :)

The Crazy Hunni Bunni's I Spend my Early Mornings With

You Gotta LOVE Them ! (I do !)