Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 Graduates Mr K & His Mom

Another guy who wasn't too thrilled with taking his Senior pics so his Mom & I promised we would do some fun unique stuff. He started to get a little more excited & He suggested we include the Sandrail that he built with their Dad. We had fun doing the "desert stuff" But what made this photo shoot truly great was that his amazing Mom was also graduating !! What memories they will always share together........................(I wonder if they had cake???)
Thanks for letting share in your FUN times!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

S is for Stunning !!

I was so excited when Miss S called to ask me to do her Senior pics. I've always thought she was one of the most beautiful girls I've known. She has that kind of natural beauty that seems so easy & unfussy.I knew I wanted to try some fun things with Miss S. I was so thrilled with how her pictures turned out.
Beautiful girl = beautiful photos
Thanks for willing to play with me gorgeous Miss S

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Do you recoginize T ? He & his family have been clients for a few years. (& I've known & loved his family even before they were a family !)
Now T is graduating. T is an awesome wrestler, so I wanted to do something a little different & a little more edgy, So the the last photo might be a little more for me. But I'm hoping he might like it. I wished I would have had him lean forward in a wrestling stance, but I'm guessing I won't get T back for a reshoot.
His quiet personality's favorite place is NOT in front of the camera.
Thank T for letting me shoot your senior pics ! (and letting me have my fun )

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Half of Miss N

We had so much fun With Miss N & Miss C at the beach, I took enough photos to equal two weddings. So here are half of Miss N's photos... Awwwh, so sorry still editting the Beach pics,but here are some of the studio shots....

Want to go to the Beach ???

You don't have to ask me that question twice. When Miss C & Miss N wanted to shoot their senior Pics at the beach I was so on it.

We left at the crack of dawn to get some soft light, but it drizzled all morning so we hid out at the Golden Arches til it stopped and all-tho it was still kinda gray- We had a blast !!!